make the street your canvas

Chalk Stencils

Chalk Stencils provide a tactical and edgy way of engaging audiences in urban environments. Get creative and make your message stand out. Our highly experienced teams deliver precise and beautiful stencils. Integrate your campaign with a social media ‘chalk stencil treasure hunt’ or add some colour for impact. Speak to our team today to find out how chalk stencils could work for you.


Clean Stencils

Clean Stencils (or reverse graffiti) provides a tactical and edgy way of engaging audiences in urban environments. Blasting away the dirt from a pavement through a laser cut stencil reveals a message in the clean stone beneath. This is a unique and environmentally friendly way of targeting audiences on the street. Our highly experienced teams have 10+ years experience in delivering precise and beautiful stencils. We’re also able to take the same concept further – creating beautiful ‘Clean Stencil Murals’.

 TKMaxx Clean Stencil

Rain Stencils

Rain stencils. Well, they’re a little bit special, some call it magic! Invisible when it’s dry they reveal their hidden message when it rains. Available in a variety of sizes they can be used for larger scaled PR stunts or for tactical on street messaging.

 photo 1

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